The seAFOod Polyp Prevention Trial

A Survey on Machine Learning and Deep Learning based Computer Aided Methods for Detection of Polyps in CT Colonography.

Colon cancer generally begins as a neoplastic growth of tissue, called polyps, originating from the inner lining of the colon wall. Most colon polyps are considered harmless but over time, they can evolve into colon cancer, which when diagnosed in later stages is often fatal. Hence, time is of the essence in the early detection of polyps and the prevention of colon cancer.

To aid this endeavour, many computer-aided methods have been developed, which use a wide array of techniques to detect, localize and segment polyps from CT Colonography images.

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In this paper, a comprehensive state-of-the-art method is proposed and categorize this work broadly using the available classification techniques using Machine Learning and Deep Learning.The performance of each of the proposed approach is analyzed with existing methods and also how they can be used to tackle the timely and accurate detection of colon polyps.